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Software is eating the world, and we want our part of the pie. We're mostly interested in niche or industry-specific software because we find that it's stickier than yet another email marketing technology.

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Inside Tools | Boostify | OmniLicense


The first Several portco was a marketing agency (still going strong), which was intentional. Agencies with strong cash flow and repeatable processes help us sleep well at night.

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Verde Strategies | Quicker | Curators


Sweaty, local SMBs are all the we started a couple and have more in the works. These businesses have provided grit to Several and remind us to not get too trendy.

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Anchor Security | TW Dumpster Rental | PlanWell


We aren't "course bros", but bro...we've got a course. Well, not quite yet actually, but the first product will launch soon. Stay tuned.

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Compound Career | Bye Corporate (Coming Soon)


We don't allocate much time on the advising side. When we do, it's directly correlated to strong conviction in an entrepreneur or team.

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Proven Ventures
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